Are you a female
business owner?

Does your product/
service benefit women in some way?

Are you looking to grow your own audience?

Are you a female business owner?

Does your product/service benefit women in some way?

Are you looking to grow your own audience?

Yes , Yes, Yes!

If you have answered yes to all the above and are looking for an engaged community and platform to market your business to, then I would love for you to join my This Girl Is On Fire Marketplace Membership. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-woman business or an established female entrepreneur, if you are passionate about your business and helping others, you’re my kind of woman, so join me and my growing community of female entrepreneurs.
SaskiaSaskia’s Flower Essences
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Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate the time and effort you are putting into This Girl Is On Fire. It can be a lonely path being an 'entrepreneur', so feeling supported by someone who is being proactive REALLY helps
Harriet Holme
Harriet HolmeHealthy Eating Dr
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I'm really delighted to have had the opportunity to do a focus group with This Girl Is On Fire - the feedback about my nutrition video course has been invaluable.
Emma and Row
Emma and RowElleroo
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We feel so proud to be associated with what you have created at This Girl Is On Fire. The opportunity you have given us and the platform/network to grow our business is invaluable. It was quite overwhelming actually to hear how much support you, Andrea and your team will be making available to us. We are so excited to play our part!
Michelle Leivars
Michelle LeivarsBreedon Perfumery
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I can't stress enough how excited I am to be a part of this incredible community, that is run by such an amazing team, who are genuinely passionate about seeing women become financially independent and succeed! This Girl Is On Fire is not just a platform, it's a movement for the women of tomorrow to network, feel supported and start to believe that This Girl IS On Fire!
Kate Tilston
Kate TilstonPractical Life Coaching
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I LOVE being a product partner with This Girl Is On Fire. You get so much more than a platform to promote your product or your services, you get a team of professional and experienced support who cheer you on all the way. For me personally, I feel this is the first time I have worked with a group of people who have really “got me” who have made it their business to understand and appreciate my business. I couldn’t feel more supported, and I would recommend anyone who is passionate about what they do and want to take their business to the next level, to sign up right now!
Gillian Robson
Gillian RobsonTancream
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I have just been on a call with another Product Partner Julia Vearncombe of Skin Genius who I met through This Girl Is On Fire. We’ve been talking about how fabulous the Marketplace is, and how much we are getting out of it with contacts, knowledge etc, so thank you for that!
Julia Vearncombe
Julia VearncombeSkinGenius
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Thank you so much for This Girl Is On Fire! It really is a great place to be - so much gained already, in new friends, knowledge and confidence.


The marketplace came about because I wanted to use my platform to support female entrepreneurs by boosting their visibility online. My passion for supporting women comes from knowing personally as a single mother how vitally important it is for women to have the economic freedom to support themselves and their family. Economic freedom gives women choice, something I strongly believe is our basic human right.”

Andrea McLean – CEO & Co-founder


We are your mini-marketing and PR team, dedicated to promoting you and your brand to a new audience, our audience, the This Girl Is On Fire community. Actively encouraging our amazing community to support and follow you, increasing your own audience and awareness. Our goal is to help you and your business grow.


As a Marketplace Member on Andrea McLean’s This Girl Is On Fire, you get…

  • A micro site on the TGIOF Marketplace where you can show your top 10 products with links to more if you have them, your own blogs – videos of your products and ‘how to’ videos – promotion of upcoming events – with up to 5 changes per month inc.
  • Website and social links to your own platforms, which are great for growing your following and your own database
  • Access to your own dashboard where you can manage orders, products and run sales reports
  • A dedicated monthly Marketplace newsletter where you can advertise any new products, upcoming events or special offers to our list of over 10k plus subscribers
  • One focus group per year. Want to try out a new product or just get some feedback/testimonials? This is a great way of doing this and also building up some core fans. *Only available for annual members
  • One competition a year. A great way to collect your own data and increase awareness of your best products
  • 3% fee on sales that go through our own payment system or 0% if they buy direct from you
  • A monthly virtual networking event where you can mix, share and collaborate with your fellow TGIOF partners, forging new relationships and opportunities.

    Access to regular webinars where you can learn and hone your skills and get inspiration to help you and your business go further * these may incur additional fees

The fee

The value of the above works out at well over £5,000+ per year – even more if you are active and make use of everything that is included in your membership – yet we are offering this for only £600 per annum plus a set-up fee of £99
– recommended.

There is an option to pay monthly, which works out at £60 per month, and a set-up fee of £195.
There is no tie-in for the monthly option.

This annual or monthly fee will never go up for you either, as long as you remain in good standing with your payments.

How to get involved.

To get started, just click on the link below, complete the short application form and one of the Marketplace Team will get back to you early September when we re-open 


How much traffic do you get to the site?

Each month our site traffic is growing with last month being our best month at just over 39k new visitors and just under 80k page views

How do I know my products will sell?

The short answer to that is you don’t. Like any form of marketing, it can take time to get your product noticed and even then, it may not work for you (this is why we recommend the annual membership to create this time).

What we can tell you is that with the variety of avenues and platforms we have, we know that we can get your product in front of tens of thousands of women giving your product a fighting chance.

How long will it take to get my micro site live?

When we have all the information, we need from you plus your pictures/videos in the correct size and format, your micro site will be live withing 10 working days.

What happens when I sell a product?

When a product is sold through our marketplace, an email is sent to you with a copy of the order and the details needed to fulfil that order. Once this is completed, you will just need to amend the order to completed in the system to show it has been fulfilled.

Should a customer buy direct from your website (if you have one), you will deal with this a per your normal way. There is no need to notify us.

As a note, we actively encourage people to go to your own site. The purpose of the TGIOF Marketplace is to help you grow your own platforms and busines, not just sales.

How will I get paid?

All sales that are made through our TGIOF Marketplace will be visible in your dashboard. On the 14th and the 28th of each month, the Marketplace team do a payment run and transfer all completed sales proceeds to your nominated bank account minus the 3%transaction fee.

What happens if a customer wishes to return a purchase?

Our returns policy is here

Where can I see your Terms & Conditions of Sale?
Do I have to sign a contract to become a Product Partner?

You do not need to sign a contract to become a Product Partner, but we do have out Terms & Conditions that outline our relationship. A copy of these will be sent to you once you have confirmed you wish to proceed and join the TGIOF Marketplace.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time giving 30 days written notice (an email is fine).

If you are on a monthly membership, we will just stop your subscription after the notice period and remove your micro site from the marketplace. If you have paid annually, we will just remove your micro site after the notice period. No refunds will be given.

How do you run a focus group?

We will help you create a focus group that will get the result you are looking for. This might be testing out a new product or service, getting some feedback and testimonials to use across your platforms or showing how your product or service works with the ability to purchase an offer at the end. There are many ways focus groups can add value to your business and we will work with you to make sure we create the right one. This is such a huge added value in the membership and something we are incredibly proud to offer.

What if I want to make more than five changes a month to my page?

You can make more than 5 changes to your page per month if needed however there may be an additional fee which will be confirmed at the time.

Will my products get promoted across your social media accounts?

Yes, they will across our @OfficialTGIOF on Instagram and Facebook. We have some regular features on these so make sure you work with our marketing team and get involved.

Also, if you put out any great posts on your own social accounts, make sure to tag us in for a repost.

How will the monthly virtual networking events work?

This happens every fourth Tuesday of each month at 10-11am where Jayne/Nick will host a virtual networking event over Zoom for all the Product Partners. We know that lots of our female entrepreneurs get so much from talking to each other, sharing ideas and knowledge, let alone the collaborations that can be formed.

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